the book

In August 2009, my world turned upside down when a voice on the phone uttered four words in my ear: “You have breast cancer.” In order to share my journey with friends and family around the world, I kept an online blog, documenting my journey through breast cancer treatment.

Many of my friends and family, who followed my blog, suggested I have it published. To be honest, it seemed like a rather far-fetched idea, but after so many loving souls suggested it, I felt I should at least consider it. After much prayerful thought, I decided I would only publish if I could, in some small way, make a difference in the lives of other cancer warriors.

Around the time that I made this decision, I discovered that the cancer center where I received my treatment has a non-profit foundation (Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation) which helps defray the costs of treatment for those patients who are under- or uninsured. The publication of  this blog into book format–“Snapshots of Life: Glimpses of Joy as Revealed in a Journey Through Breast Cancer”–is my feeble attempt to help others take their lives back from the destructive forces of cancer.

It is merely the musings of a middle-aged woman during breast cancer treatment…and beyond. It is not a cosmic, earth-shattering story, just a simple life told in simple words…the daily joys and sorrows of living through surgery, chemotherapy, radiation and recovery.

Walk with me. Laugh with me. Cry with me. Follow me through my journey…and help save another life.

love life!
holly nichols tabor
To purchase a copy of “Snapshots of Life…” click here CreateSpace. The book is also available in the store, and available as an eBook through Kindle . You can also purchase through Barnes&
All proceeds for the sale of this book will go to the Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation to provide: 
  • financial assistance to those financially challenged by cancer 
  • funding for professional and public education of cancer related issues
  • funding for cancer research

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